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                  ROLLING OAKS



Rolling Oaks

Painting in Progress

About Painting

The inspiration for many of my paintings is my attraction to the wonders and mysteries of the Ice Age landforms where I live.  But there is more to this attraction.

Painting for me is about getting the "feeling of the place" and reacting all the while to color resonance and light.  Painting is about the interaction of colors, their energy and vibrance.  Then there is the physical act of painting, applying oil paint to linen.  In a way it doesn't matter what I paint.  What matters is the application of paint to the linen.  "Painting" in this case becomes the "representation".  


Media I Work With             

Oil paint, Soft pastel, photography

Subjects Found in My Work

Landscapes, buildings, figures, wildlife

Descriptors of My Work

Direct, colorful, energetic, bold, contempory

My Heros

Monet, Matisse, Bonnard, Hopper, Avery,

DeKooning, Diebenkorn, Kahn, Bechtold